Tokyo Future University For those who want to study psychology & childcare and early childhood education (regular course and correspondence course)


Tokyo Future University is located in Adachi-ku, Tokyo. It was established in 2007. The president is Dr. Takashi Kakuyama.

Tokyo Future University consists of two departments:
1. Child Psychology (established in 2007) 2. Motivation and Behavioral Sciences (established in 2012).
The School of Child Psychology studies the minds of children in order to learn about people's way of thinking. We can broaden a child's future possibilities by looking into his or her psychology, nursing, and education. Our goal is to train pre-school, kindergarten, and elementary school teachers, and counselors to have a comprehensive understanding of the growing process of a child.

The School of Motivation and Behavioral Sciences is the first throughout Japan to study motivation. We study methods in motivating oneself, surrounding people, and organizations. Motivation is related to every field. For example, in the case of a company, a person with leadership skills who can successfully manage a project through proper employment of human resources is necessary. In the case of a school, a teacher who can motivate youths and students to lead a fulfilling school life is important. We study motivation systematically through three categories: management, psychology and communication, and education. You can obtain a bachelor degree (Psychology, Childcare and Education,or Behavioral Sciences) at our university.


1.Campus Adviser(CA)System

Our University has a homeroom system. Each homeroom is under a faculty member and a CA. The CA mainly supports daily life issues and career guidance. Students can ask his or her CA any question or just ask for advice.

2.Education Through Small Classes

In Tokyo Future University, we focus on deepening individual knowledge through active communication between students and professors by lecturing in small classes. Students and professors work closely and develop lectures full of enthusiasm.

3.Practical Curriculum

In Tokyo Future University, we train people to be able to:
1. Adapt to any situation and use their experiences to solve any problem. 2. Think independently and implement ideas. Students learn from our most up-to-date and practical curriculum, training them to appropriately respond to the needs of a company or organization in the future.


4.Qualification Training

Tokyo Future University's curriculum provides students with opportunities to earn trade and professional qualifications.

5.Full Career Support

Starting from the first year, we have programs that help students with the aim of successful job-hunting during their third year and onward. While job-hunting is not the main purpose of this program, we do, however, train students to earn skills that suit the needs of a company or organization.

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